What if Politicians Put a Focus on Families and Marriage?

Yesterday was the Indiana Senate debate between Republican Richard Mourdock, Democrat Joe Donnelly and Libertarian Andrew Horning.  The debate got national attention when it came to the topic of abortion. The candidates where asked about their views of abortion when there is rape and incest involved and Mourdock’s words got twisted and the media interpreted him saying God intended rape to happen.  (You can read the story here. )  I believe this is not what Mourdock meant to say and I believe he meant that even in the worst circumstances the child was still created and is a creation of God.

But yesterday’s Indiana Senate debate got me thinking about the Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice argument that has been going on for years.  This topic creates a lot of arguments about freedom to choose to abort a pregnancy or not.  But what about the physiological effects abortion has on so many women and relationships?  Why don’t the politicians talk about that?  Couldn’t the politicians use this topic to talk about improving families and marriage?

What if Politicians Talked about families?
So, in yesterday’s debate what if one of the politicians responded with the something along the lines of  –

“No, even in this horrible incident abortion is not acceptable because there is a life in the womb.  But if I am elected I will put my focus on creating organizations that help these women and families. Abortion or no abortion if a woman is in this horrible situation the woman still has to deal with so much more psycholgically.  We are putting so much focus on the ability to choose but not on educating society on the importance of families and waiting to have sex until marriage.  How can we as a society live with ourselves knowing that we only care about the choice?  So my stance is that abortion is illegal in all instances but I want to fix the root of the problem and improve our view of marriage and families.  Sex is a wonderful gift given to us from God and it allows us to build our families in His image and likeness.  We are in a society where being a family is not the norm.  We are both in a society and a country that is in trouble because we are losing the meaning of family and marriage.  Many counties and states  within our country live with divorce rates above 50%, many teens believe it is acceptable to have sexual relations and our cultural is much more scandalous then ever before.  The most ideal starting point to fix our country is in the homes where we can strengthen families.  Not only do we have to watch over the present but we need to plant the seeds for the future and if we don’t make a dramatic revolution towards improving families and marriages then we will be doomed”

Why can’t politicians say something like this?

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