Introduction to Deacon Harold, The Dynamic Deacon and His Message on Marriage

Deacon Harold

Today I had a lot of drive time as I was in between meetings and traveling throughout Indiana visiting clients.  My last meeting got out at 5pm and I had a 2-hour drive home.  As I got through my last phone calls of the day I tuned into EWTN Radio because I always enjoy Catholic Answers from 6pm – 8pm.  WOW!  Was I glad I had a 2-hour drive home because the topic on Catholic Answers was “Preparing for your Catholic Marriage” with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers aka The Dynamic Deacon.  The format of Catholic Answers is that people call in with Catholic questions on a certain topic and the radio guests will answer those question.  With today’s topic being on Catholic Marriage I was especially interested in what was being asked and how it was being answered.

This was my first introduction to Deacon Harold and after doing a bit of research after I got home I realized that he is a world-renown speaker on the topic of Catholic Marriage.  Not only is he knowledgable but he knows how to deliver a tough messages effectively.

If you are not aware of who Deacon Harold is I wanted to pass along a few links that will introduce you to great content and powerful videos that I hope inspire you and your marriage.