The Politics of Family.

I’m a self-proclaimed political junkie – especially now that the presidential election is right (no pun intended) around the corner.  This election is certainly about the economy and foreign policy – but it really is about so much more.  This election is one of ideology.  We could talk for hours about the two conflicting ideologies at play here, but for purposes of this blog, there is no doubt that we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a war on religion.  Not to mention a war on traditional family values.

So where does politics get involved.  That’s complicated and I question whether it’s not simply politics, but rather “power” that is truly the key here.  The powerful control the dialogue and the message.  There is no question that the leaders of our country today lack a respect for traditional family values that, as Catholics, we know is sacred to understanding and attempting to live God’s will in our lives.

Monsignor Moran, my Pastor growing up, had a homily he would give on the Feast of the Holy Family.  He told the story of a father who had made a puzzle for his little boy by tearing up a picture of the world.  The little boy put the puzzle back together very quickly and his father asked how he was able to finish the puzzle so fast.  The boy responded, “there was a picture of a family on the back of the puzzle and I knew that if I put the family back together the world would be ok too.”  So simple.  So powerful.  So true.

God Bless!