A Rich Young Man and Poor Unborn Child

Catholics Supporting Obama

We are in the heat of the presidential election with just over 2 weeks to go until the election.  Four years ago I was hurt that the Catholic vote went to President Obama – someone who was in favor of Pro-Choice and very clear on what he intends to do if elected.  So, here we are, four years later and we as American Catholics have a chance to rewrite history and go into the voting booths knowing exactly what the Catholic church teaches about life and the protection of the unborn.

Voting Nuns

Over the past few months I have been proud to see the Catholic church speak louder than it did four years ago.  From the USCCB to our local parishes I have heard a constant message – to know the Catholic church’s stance on the political issues.  Over forty years ago our country created a liberal society which included a sexual revolution making sex more about “feeling good” rather than what God intended it to be.  This revolution created the mindset that it was acceptable not to marry and to avoid having kids at the expense of satisfying oneself.  We’ve had enough and as Catholics we want to make it clear that this needs to stop.  It is our time to shine and help the pendulum swing in the direction that favors marriage and families.

While reflecting on today’s homily at Mass and the approaching presidential election I felt compelled to share with you the homily given by Fr. Adam Mauman at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Carmel, IN from last week, October 14.  Fr. Adam titles this homily “A Rich Young Man and Poor Unborn Child” and explains that human life is sacred and that ultimately we will not be judged while at the polls but rather before the Lord while on our knees.

Listen to Fr. Adam’s homily.

~God Bless


2 thoughts on “A Rich Young Man and Poor Unborn Child

  1. Thanks, Gary, for your post. Like George Weigl said Friday night, it’s going to take a revolution by the Cathoilc laity. I couldn’t agree more. We just have to decide how to gear up with our revolutionary uniforms and arms.

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