Love’s Sacred Embrace Retreat June 20th

A great way to enrich your relationship, spending a whole day with your spouse.  Away from the house and the kids.  Just the two of you.  Some fabulous presenters, including Joe and Denise McGonigal, Nancy Gillespie, Matt and Alli Koscal, and Joe and Jill Reitz.  We’ll cover (briefly) topics ranging from Communication and Temperament to Theology of the Body.  You’ll learn about TOE time.  Continental breakfast, a sit-down lunch, and plenty–PLENTY–of time for the two of you to go off by yourselves and talk about your life together.

Guys–a ticket to the retreat is an unbelievably thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea.  Attend Mass together afterwards, and you can sleep in on Sunday.  All brought to you by the folks who sponsor Marriage on Tap.  Phone the Religious Education office at 663-4010 for more information and to get signed up. Seating is limited, so don’t delay


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3 thoughts on “Love’s Sacred Embrace Retreat June 20th

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