It Takes Three to Marry – A Sermon from Fr. Barron

The readings from this past Sunday , October 7, 2012 reflected on love, sexuality and marriage. These readings are essential teachings on sex and marriage for our Catholic faith. Our parish priest, Fr. Adam, gave a wonderful homily about how we live in a culture with TV shows like “Modern Family” and “The New Normal” and it is up to the parents and their community to teach our children what a family and marriage is meant to be.

Oftentimes I listen to Fr. Barron’s sermons too on his website, on Monday while in the car or at home. His sermon for this past Sunday is titled “Sexuality, Love and Marriage” and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a 15 minute sermon and if you have a smartphone you can listen to it while on the go.

Listen to the Sermon’s MP3

Some major points that Fr. Barron includes in this sermon are:

  • Catholic are not against sex. It’s just the opposite.
  • There is nothing dirty about sex.
  • The physical pleasure of sex is our way into the scripture.
  • Love is what God is.
  • Everything in creation comes from love.
  • There are three to get married and if the third is eliminated then the marriage will dissolve.
  • Children are the fruit of all this.

I hope you enjoy listening to Fr. Barron’s sermon and when you are done with that you might find yourself getting deep into the valuable information he has on his website.

~God Bless~

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