Wecome to the couples who attended the April 14th retreat.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts about the April 2012 retreat.  Joe McGonigal and Bruce Allen are just now starting to build this site, and are working to add pages, links, a blogroll, and all the other ingredients that make blogging fun and interesting.  If any of you are interested in contributing to this effort, please jump right in.

One of the best tools used by bloggers is linking to other sites.  Here’s an example of a great post Joe located at All-Pro Dad.com.  As you come across articles online that are on topic and which resonate with you, please bring them here.  For now, Joe and Bruce are administering this site, but if you feel called to do so, we would be willing and happy to add a few blog-related chores to your weekly to-do list.

Enough for now.  Bookmark this page, and then go tell your spouse something you LOVE about him or her.  We hope you will post and share this site with your friends and families, too.  God bless you and your marriage.

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